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The Netherlands

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In order to conduct ship repairs in the harbor, our company has a crane built on a self propelled barge, named Marine Service 1. This well equipped vessel has a 35 metric ton telescope crane which has 2 separate hoist winches for easily positioning of objects, such as gangways and jib-booms, during assembling. The reach is up to 45 meters.

A covered workshop of 25 meters provides a large variety of equipment, such as a lathe, welding machines, blow torches, grinders and drills. Here you will discover a large amount of pulley blocks, loading slings and fastening devices. There is also a large selection of materials and spare parts available in this spatial workshop, as well as hand-held equipment and sufficient practical lighting. In the open space of 25 meters, you will find an air compressor, a 175 kVA generator and a stock of steel plates and steel profiles.

This crane barge has been certified by the Dutch Navigation Authorities, provided with a special annotation (ADNR), that allows it to operate in oil trans-shipment harbors.