Ophemertstraat 90
3089 JE Rotterdam
Port no. 2519
The Netherlands

  Phone : +31 (0)10 - 48 34 888
  E-mail : info@eerlandshiprepair.nl

After office hours:

  W.H. Eerland - Director : 06-5334 6108
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About us


Our yard has a quay of approximately 160 meters long and most of its length is within the range of our crane. At this location we are able to carry out repairs on inland ships and small sea going vessels. In addition our yard has an insulated construction hall and storerooms, fitting the machinery necessary and cranes to carry out the most common work. We also have a carpenter's workshop to carry out most common activities about interior. The yard crane lifts 9,5 metric tons at a reach of 21 meters.

If you are not able to come to our shipyard, we will come to you, using our tool vehicles and/or our self-propelled crane ship “Marine Service 1” giving the opportunity to carry out repairs on location.