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Chinese Restaurant




Eerland Shiprepair created the floating Chinese restaurant “Ocean Paradise” which is located by the Euromast in Rotterdam.


For this purpose 600 tons of steel were used to convert 2 midship sections of inland waterway tankers to a big pontoon on which the restaurant was build. The pagoda roofs are covered with rootfiles that were shipped from China in seacontainers.


The assignment to build this restaurant came from the state of China, the city Shanghai and a Chinese businessman who lives in Rotterdam. During the decoration of the restaurant the help of many Chinese employees was calles in whom, among others, made the specific armatures.


In the old cargo tanks we build stores, a department with gamemachines, a roller-skate location and a Chinese store.


On the upperfloor there are offices and residences build. On the second floor the roof consists for about 80% out of glass, which means a total of circa 1400m2. We have built this roof more or less as hatches as they were constructed for original inland waterway vessels. For this purpose we made beams out of hardwood and placed them on a steel carrying construction.


After we had completed the restaurant we sailed it to it’s mooring and connect it to all the shore connections.