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Floating wave-pool




For a training institute on the Maasvlakte, Eerland Shiprepair build a floating covered swimming pool able to generate waves.


We build this pool on the original double bottom of the Easter Schelde construction vessel “Cardium”. A waterbasin of 3 meters deep, which contains about 15000 m3 of water, is welded on. The swimming water is filtered by two filters and it is also chlorofied.


Below deck there are wash- and dressingrooms provided. In a separate machineryroom we placed the emergency generator as well as the filters, pumps etc. The blower, which generates the waves in the pool, was also located here.


At one end of the swimming pool there were several heavy ventilators with sprinklers mounted which makes it possible to create wind force 8 with heavy rains. The wave machine can make waves with a height up to 1,5 metre. A winch was mounted to the ceiling just as one is present in a rescue helicopter. A stroboscope light gives the same impression as when you are really being rescued with a helicopter. In a rebuild helicopter, which can go underwater and turn over, the trainees are being taught to escape underwater. In the wall of the basin below the water level we made a few windows so the trainees can see what is going to happen.


In the basin seaman, who are frequently transported by helicopter to their ship or drilling platform, are being trained. In the waves they are practising to turn over life rafts and being pulled out of the sea in a life sling of a rescuehelikopter. By applying all of the special effects the training is very realistic. Because of the incredible forces that the waves exert on the construction of the basin, the ship is constructed as a sea going tanker and is fastened on two very heavy mooring pipes.


Dimensions:   48 x 16 m (l x b).