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Fire Practice Centre




On the Maasvlakte in the Europort, Eerland Shiprepair rebuild a fire fighting practice centre. Eerland Shiprepair used and rebuild a great deal of original “plants” and objects out of the petrochemical industry of the Maasvlakte and placed them on shore. These are former storage tanks, heat exchangers, tankers, tankwagons, piping lanes etc.


We also build 3 floor constructions in which all of the normal equipment of the petrochemical industry is mounted.


We rebuild containers to living areas with kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. In here wooed is being burned so that smoke and heat is produced and fireman can practice to discover the source of the fire and extinguish it.


All of the objects on the practiseground can be set on fire and here fore we connected them to a firing fuelsystem, which is served from a pair of “firehouses”. For this purpose we have mounted 16 kilometres of stainless steel piping.


In this practisecentre fireman from the Netherlands and abroad are practising fire fighting. Seamen are also finding the practise targets here that they may have to deal with on board.