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Education ships




For a workout institute on the Maasvlakte, Eerland Shiprepair build a few ships and after completing them they moored these ships on the Maasvlakte and connected them to all of the shore connections.


The ship “Zeus” was constructed out of the superstructure of the Rhine tug “Triton” which was placed on a newly build pontoon from Russia. After that we provided the Zeus with 7 classrooms, washing- and drying spaces for practice outfits, offices and cafeterias.


Dimensions: 50 x 9,5 x 11,5 (l x w x h).


The pontoon type “Mitylus” is a catamaran that we constructed out of the hull of a specialised vessel of the “Oosterscheldewerken”. In this vessel we have build several classrooms below the main deck.


On deck a superstructure was made which also contains several classrooms. We also mounted several types of davits and a free fall lifeboat. The space between the floaters is utilised as a boathouse for the fast rigid inflatable rescue boats. Both of the ships serve as a educationship for people who work on seagoing vessels and drilling platforms and are practising the controlling of the “launching” of several types of lifeboats and rafts and sailing in them.


Dimensions:  20 x 18 x 7,5 (l x b x h)